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Books and Writings

In his writings, Ken Streater weaves insights on culture, evolution, individual achievement and the power of community. His upcoming book, A Whole Heart Handbook, illustrates how to live to your capacity as a member of heart-driven communities. InThe Gift of Courage he shares stories of everyday heroes who compassionately elevate those around them. Ken publications are enlivening the world.

Community Growth

Societal growth requires citizens to put community before commodity. Communities–be it organizations, businesses, towns, or regions–flourish when members understand that individual success cannot come at the expense of the collective. For decades, Ken Streater has studied cultures around the world. His insights into the benefits of trust-driven communities and hardships of fear-driven cultures help build better places.

Live Events

Our Evening of Empowerment programs are coming your way! At these engaging live events, profound and energizing speakers highlight how you can be, do, have, and give more. Here, you will experience life-changing inspiration while contributing to your community since these presentations raise funds for local non-profits. We also recognize local, generous service-oriented people and provide scholarships to student leaders.


Our workshops help you create heart-to-heart cultures and lift your community. These seminars offer simple but proven activities that enable real individual and community growth, and are founded in decades of powerful culture building. We also offer high-school curriculum based on real educational experience that empowers students to positively shape their future and enliven the world around them.

Whole heart living means doing good with a heart-driven life that recognizes the importance of community growth as integral to personal successes. Whole heart living acknowledges evolutionary influence, cultural force, and personal strength in an effort to build heart-to-heart cultures. This book shows us how to create these types of relationships and build communities… Read More. 

Lifechanging. Inspirational. Empowering. Enlivening. Grateful. Perspective. Motivating. Heartfelt. Invigorating. Touching. Thank You. The comments from those who have read our books and blog posts, attended live events, received awards, and participated in workshops are simply overwhelming. We are honored to have a positive impact on your lives, as you do on ours…Read More. 

An international rafting outfitter, social entrepreneur, and acclaimed author, Ken has studied cultures amid the deltas of Bostwana, in small villages of Siberia, on the streets of China, and through deep conversations with luminaries and everyday heroes. Today, Ken imparts what he has learned about community building to eager audiences and would like to share with you…Read More.

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