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Books and Writings

In his writings, Ken Streater weaves insights on culture, evolution, individual achievement and the power of community to share the tapestry of human goodness. His upcoming book, A Whole Heart Handbook, illustrates how to purposefully live to your capacity. InThe Gift of Courage he shares stories of everyday heroes who compassionately elevate their communities. Ken publications are enlivening the world.

Live Events

Our Evening of Empowerment programs are coming your way! At these engaging live events, profound and energizing speakers highlight how you can be, do, have, and give more. Here, you will experience life-changing inspiration while contributing to your community since these presentations raise funds for local non-profits. We also recognize local, generous service-oriented people and provide scholarships to student leaders.

Websites and More

Ken Streater is a partner at Motivation.com, which provides inspiration, personal stories, intellectually credible ideas, and statistically-validated tools to help you do good and be well. From improved fitness to better relationships, from financial freedom to living with passion, Motivation.com is the place for you to discover how to create more joy, live with purpose, and leave the world better than you found it.


Our half-day live workshops and on-demand webinars help you discover what really matters, live your calling, and lift your community. These workshops–ideal for those seeking something more in life or others just wanting a boost–offer simple but proven activities that enable real, positive change. We also offer high-school curriculum and live events that empower students to find what matters most to them.

Whole heart living means doing good and being well in all areas of life. For some, this comes naturally. For others, it takes self-directed change that acknowledges evolutionary influence, regards cultural force, honors individual weakness, and utilizes personal strength. You are invited to read stories of wholehearted people, share your experiences, and use our education-based, passion-driven activities. Read More. 

Lifechanging. Inspirational. Empowering. Enlivening. Grateful. Perspective. Motivating. Heartfelt. Invigorating. Touching. Thank You. The comments from those who have read our books and blog posts, attended live events, received awards, and participated in workshops are simply overwhelming. We are honored to have a positive impact on your lives, as you do on ours…Read More. 

Ken Streater is a father, husband, author, speaker, and social entrepreneur. From canoeing the deltas of Bostwana to rafting wild rivers in Siberia, walking the streets of China during the Tiananmen Square uprising to deep conversations with luminaries and everyday heroes, through these experiences Ken knows we each have a unique greatness that once revealed can elevate the world…Read More.  

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