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Teens Lifting Their Community

Sparrow Clubs change the lives of the givers and receivers. I am honored to have written about Jeff Leeland, the founder, and his son, Michael, the present director of this organization, in The Gift of Courage. Their story is a model of courage, caring, and giving. The Sparrow Clubs' school community approach empowers teens to […]

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The Genesis of Change

You are only one small heart-driven act away from sparking significant cultural change. The human race is just that. It is a match against our selves. Will compassionate heart-to-heart cultures lift us all or will destructive, head-to-head approaches bring us down? Our enlightened evolution--to the point where we no longer fight to survive but can […]

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Heart to Heart: Creating Compassionate Communities

In a pattern that repeated itself daily for tens of thousands of years, our ancient predecessors pursued prey or herded livestock, fed their children and watched them laugh and play, ate the fruits of their labor, crawled under a rawhide blanket with their mate, made love, and fell asleep. They knew what they could accomplish […]

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