2016 May

Live What Matters

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Live what matters. Live a meaningful life. This is not just a cliche. It is important and an obligation to do this, especially for those like me who are fortunate to live in a time and place of unrestricted consciousness and abundant creature comforts. By filling your day with moments that are enlivening for you and those around you, you make the world a better place. When you have the choice–and sometimes you don’t given the demands of the day–choose to do what matters most. By selecting less impactful options (think watching television instead of playing catch with your child) the opportunity to lift yourself and those around you is missed.

As a reminder of this, I encourage you to watch this video that I envisioned and created with the help of the humbly magnificent Samantha Nienow of Red Zest Design. Please watch it with headphones or earbuds if you can.

Live what matters. Lead a fulfilling life, one that is “full filling” to you and those around you. This way, when your time comes, you will not regret not having done what you longed to do. Rather, you will reflect on all the beauty, joy, and kindness you experienced and shared, and perhaps wish you had a bit more time to feel even more.

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