Awards and Scholarships

An Evening of Empowerment offers two great awards programs for those who know what matters to them and, by extension, matter a great deal to their respective communities. Our community awards for everyday heroes and our scholarships for high school students salute and reward honorable people.

Community Courage to Care Awards

aerialWe applaud people–adults and students alike–who lift their community by serving others with purpose and passion.  As part of our live empowerment events, we salute those who live in the towns in which we speak. Our Courage to Care Awards honor locals who share their unique gifts with the world and in doing so, elevate those they touch, such as 2014 Bay Area award winner, Aerial Gilbert, left. Aerial has served as a volunteer instructor for Guide Dogs of the Blind and donated a kidney to a community member, all the while humbly saluting and giving credit for her successes to those around her.

In Bend, we honored Megan Rau, a lifelong pre-school teacher who provided great motivation and support to generations of young learners. Watch her award presentation.

How do we find these everyday heroes? From you. We want and need you to tell us who should be honored, even if that is you. By submitting a nomination form you help us discover those deserving of attention and praise. We publicly recognize these life-changers and broadcast their efforts in order to illustrate and instill the idea that we all can do more as we live our true calling.

From the submissions we receive, we select one adult and one student who truly make a world of difference in their community. At our live events we present the top five adult and student nominees in the respective cities we are holding the event, and then announce that year’s winners. The recognized adult and student each are presented with an individual cash reward plus a donation to the organization or cause they support. Stay tuned for information on our future shows and how you can submit a nomination form.

High School Student Scholarships

Created from our own classroom experience and our awe of Thurgood Marshall Academy and school children who must be courageous just to attend school, The Gift of Courage Scholarships are awarded each year in select regions of the country to three deserving high school students who are succeeding in the classroom and community despite (or possibly because of) significant challenges. We salute those who work hard to make their lives and the lives of those around them better, even in the face of difficulties.

DSC_7517Scholarships are awarded in each city where we offer our live empowerment events. Scholarship winners are announced at the show. Our recent empowerment events were held in the Bay Area, Sacramento, and Bend, Oregon. To the right, Jose Herrera accepts his Bay Area scholarship. The amount of each scholarship varies, but range from $500 to $2,000. Scholarships can be used for academic or cost of living expenses any time after they are awarded.

Scholarships are awarded based on applicant character, school work/effort, and community involvement. Once the application is received we will contact the applicant to ask for references. Stay tuned for our lineup of future shows to apply for a scholarship in your community.


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