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Evening of Empowerment puts its money where its mouth is: a significant portion of book and ticket sale proceeds go to local and national non-profit organizations. When you join us for a live event you are empowered by the moving speeches as you simultaneously empower worthy organizations simply by attending. When you enroll in a workshop you give as you learn and improve your life. When you read the book, you become a part of a very giving community.

Paying for a seat or seats at our shows and workshops and buying a book is money well spent. We invite you to learn more about the organizations you will help support:

The Homeless Prenatal Program (HPP) is an award-winning San Francisco Family Resource Center. For more than 23 years, HPP has provided poor and homeless families the ability to end childhood poverty. Built on a foundation of supportive, nonjudgmental case management, we empower families, particularly mothers motivated by pregnancy and parenthood, to recognize their strengths and trust in their own capacity to transform their lives. More than 3,500 families access HPP’s services each year, with nearly 200 families coming to HPP for the first time every month.

The Firefighters Burn Institute was founded by Sacramento area firefighters in 1973, for the purpose of establishing a local burn treatment facility; providing recovery programs for burn survivors; providing fire and burn prevention through public education; funding education for medical professionals, firefighters, and burn survivors; and supporting burn treatment research. The Firefighters Burn Institute also plays a leadership role on a national level with the Federation of Burn Foundations and the American Burn Association.

Friends of the River is California’s only statewide river conservation organization. FOR is nationally recognized as an authority on the adverse impacts of dams on rivers and ecosystems. Friends of the River protects and restores California Rivers by influencing public policy and inspiring citizen action and has led successful campaigns for the permanent protection of many outstanding rivers and streams – including the Kings, Kern, Merced, Tuolumne, upper Klamath, West Walker, East Carson, Sisquoc, and Big Sur Rivers.

Project Walk, the world leader in spinal cord injury (SCI) recovery, provides an improved quality of life for people with SCI through intense activity-based recovery programs, education, training, research and development. We understand that every client has special needs; therefore, we offer several programs to best meet those needs and optimize our clients’ chances for recovery. Simply, Project Walk gives spinal cord injured patients hope when they were told to have none. Our success in helping patients become more ambulatory is testimony to this hope being well founded.

Thurgood Marshall Academy, a college-preparatory public charter high school, upholds Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall’s legacy of equal opportunity through our commitment to providing an excellent education for all students. Opened in 2001, Thurgood Marshall Academy prepares students to succeed in college, instilling an understanding of democracy and advocacy, for themselves and others.  Our high expectations works—for the ninth year in a row, 100% of our graduates were accepted to college.

CoachArt improves the quality of life for children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses and their siblings by providing free lessons in the arts and athletics. CoachArt matches patients for weekly lessons with qualified volunteer mentors. This unique program offers a creative outlet to distract patients from the pain, therapies and isolation often associated with chronic illness and provides a sense of normalcy.  Through the arts and recreation, siblings and patients alike increase confidence, hope, and self-esteem.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars strives to do good things for deserving people; particularly veterans, their families, and their communities.  From local grassroots ideas to national influence, we work everyday to make a difference.  The programs offered through VFW aim to lessen the burden on the men and women who sacrifice so much to keep us free. By providing returning soldier education support, improving treatment of war related injuries, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and supporting families of current and veteran soldiers, VFW is the leader is armed service members support.

Sparrow Clubs is proof that you’re never too young to make a difference. As the nation’s only youth-based charity of its kind, Sparrow Clubs not only provides financial and emotional support for critically ill children and their families, but also empowers kids to help kids through charitable service to their communities. Schools adopt an ill “Sparrow” by raising funds for medical care and living expenses and provide direct help to the family in need. As a result, the Sparrow family, school, and community benefit in immeasurable ways.

Kids in the Game was created to increase opportunities for youth to participate in sports regardless of ability, ethnicity or socio-economic background. Today, it operates to the benefit of hundreds of children, making it easy for anyone to help low-income, underserved youth participate in organized sports.  Donations help close funding gaps in youth sports programs, increase access and improve the quality of programs that inspire and engage young athletes.

Camp Okizu’s mission is to provide peer support, respite, mentoring, and recreational programs to meet the needs of all members of families affected by childhood cancer. Okizu (oak-eye-zoo), comes from the Sioux language and means unity, to come together, to heal from a hurt, to make whole. For more than thirty years, Okizu has operated peer support programs for children, many of which are based on the community-forming nature of a residential camp experience.



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