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“The Gift of Courage” is a powerful book about leading with love. It’s full of inspiring stories of courageous, purpose-driven people who are finding happiness while helping heal the world.Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author, “Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul” and “Happy for No Reason”

One of the good news stories that resonate within every life…that anyone can take to heart.Meryl Streep, Academy Award-winning actress

This book is a reminder to us all that our finest moments are when we take those courageous risks on others’ behalf. The reporting here is solid and the inspiration profound.Geraldine Laybourne, Founder of the Oxygen Network and former President of Nickelodeon

Ken Streater’s profile of Josh Kern and Thurgood Marshall Academy tells the compelling story of persistence in the face of skepticism. The Motley Fool is proud to support Thurgood Marshall Academy…and is glad it has been brought to the forefront as part of “The Gift of Courage”.Tom Gardner, The Motley Fool

Ken Streater has created a a gem, I’m personally better for having spent time with “The Gift of Courage,” and you will be too. Read this book and you will be changed.Roger Seip, Best-Selling Author, “Train Your Brain for Success”

Best selling authors, luminaries, and community leaders agree that The Gift of Courage is a powerful, inspirational, and life-changing book.

btn-buy-nowThose who know “why they are here” may tell you they have always known it. Others are just naturally generous and fulfilled and do not even ponder the meaning of their lives. Some found their purpose by bravely opening their hearts. For many, the search continues. The Gift of Courage presents regular yet extraordinary people whose courage—sometimes in the face of extreme challenge—empowers them to lead passionate and purposeful lives. They radiate goodness and selflessly lift the state of our world. This is the gift of courage.

Ken’s next book, A Whole Heart Handbook, is a collection of stories and ideas that form a handbook to read, ponder, and refer to should you seek help creating the life you dream of or affirming the brilliant life you are creating. It also showcases how caring, heart-to-heart relationships are a cornerstone to community growth and individual success. This book is not a template for success. It is not a guide to bliss. It is not a manual that assures devotees of riches. Nor has it ever been suggested as a replacement to a holy tome. It is a book designed to help you do good, be well and lift your community.


Ken Streater is a contributing partner to In addition, Ken regularly posts on Twitter, Facebook, and this website’s blog. Ken also author’s e and print magazine articles that add wonder and inspiration to people’s lives.


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