Middle and High School School Curriculum

“Find something you love to do and do it well.” These words are relatively new to our culture. Only in the last couple of generations have they been shared, from parent to child, teacher to student. And, today’s students truly want to believe that building a life like this is possible. We believe that cultures built by and around people pursuing what matters to them enables the greatist community growth.

Our school curriculum is designed for teachers to integrate into middle and high school classes where students can broaden their scope of exploration and understanding beyond traditional core study areas. This material creates energizing and powerful pathways for students to discover what they care about and what they can do to make their lives more powerful and giving. In this process we help embolden young people to believe in themselves, as a vital piece to building a satisfying life and a compassionate community.

We support public and private school teachers in their efforts to help students recognize that they matter.. In the mix of standardized testing, mandatory curriculum, large class sizes, and other limitations, many teachers are simply overwhelmed with getting the basics taught. And, we believe that teaching students how and why to discover their “why” has the same importance as math, science, and language skills. We know that when students are engaged in something they believe in the skills needed to be better are more eagerly learned.

Teaching purpose and community building is made easier with our curriculum. Now teachers can “plug in” lessons for one week or one month that focus on each student recognizing what matters to them and creating a template for a service-oriented, purposeful life.

The community leaders featured in our books and live events are available to speak in your classroom or auditorium. Many speakers were educators and classroom volunteers, and Ken Streater was an award-winning teacher in remote Alaska. We are here as advocates to make your job easier and the lives of your students better. We hope you contact us to learn more about the middle and high-school programs we offer. Our curriculum and our live presentations are free.

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