Hooray Cafe & Goodness’ Sake Project

One day a couple of years ago, I walked into our home where my nine-year old twin daughters and 12-year old son had created a diner. They invited me in to enjoy good eats and treats, plus some great company. It lifted my spirits. The sign on the easel for their establishment read, “Welcome to the Hooray Cafe!”

Flash forward to today. Could there be a better place than somewhere you can go to get, give, and feel good, like good news, good ideas, good stories, and a chance to hear about and do good deeds? We aren’t talking about pollyanna fluff that you can see right through, but actual stories of people like you and your friends–decent and compassionate members of communities around the world. We call this place the Hooray Cafe.

In addition to being a source of good news, we decided to build a platform that inspires and helps communities to be and do more–to make their own good news. Our Goodness’ Sake Project provides resources to towns across the country to grow better, as each town defines this growth for themselves. From our “Do Good Now” program to the “Good Deeds Director” handbook, we offer tools to help your local world flourish.

With these philosophyies and life experiences that uniquely qualify us to help make places better, we set off on a mission:

  • To reinvent media by revealing all that is good in the world. Our goal is to help you balance your life with stories of human kindness and news that represents the world as it is rather than worse than you could possibly imagine.
  • To facilitate beneficial community change as a purveyor of good deeds. We aspire to build better places by creating more generous and compassionate communities. Our Goodness Sake Project is doing this.
  • To provide opportunities here and now to sit back, relax, and marvel at goodness. We wish you time and space to just take a deep breath, feel lighter, experience awe, and say ahhhhh. We share moving music, funny moments, and serene natural scenes in effort to highlight all of the beauty that surrounds us.

We hope to quiet the consequential blather of the mass media peddling fear. We want you to find or rekindle the belief that we are good for and to each other by sharing tools to do just that. We long to expand your mind and nourish your soul with good news reads, good video feeds, and good community deeds. We give you occasion to just take a deep breath and relax. We encourage you to reflect on, support, celebrate and provide goodness.

So, come on in for a bit. Please meet our crew. Pull up a chair and take part in the conversation. Make yourself at home and find good company. Join us in feeling better and doing good. Enjoy Hooray Cafe, for goodness’ sake.



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