Live Events: An Evening of Empowerment

Why Come to An Evening of Empowerment?

  • You will become inspired and charged up to lead an even more purposeful and passionate life.
  • You give to your community: ticket sale proceeds are passed through to worthy local non-profits.
  • You spend an evening in the company of truly accomplished and giving people.

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Evening of Empowerment events feature speeches, musical performances, and other presentations that illustrate how each person has to power to leave the world better than we found it. Each show demonstrates that individuals have the capacity to make a profound impact on local, regional, and global communities as we are each vitally important in the creation of more caring cultures.

These powerful productions present humble and compassionate life-changing leaders of their respective communities. These are people who found and embraced a calling and created a world of difference by living their dreams. Their lessons are brilliant and worthwhile, and elevate in each of us a desire to do right and do more. Simply, their stories give you the energy to do as they do, which is to lift a community.

Recent Evening of Empowerment Events have helped fund numerous non-profits through our philanthropic approach to helping you and others. Our ticket sale proceeds have allowed us to donate thousands of dollars to organizations such as Sparrow Clubs, Firefighters Burn Institute, Homeless Prenatal Program, Okizu, Kids in the Game, and others. Among other things, Evening of Empowerment-raised funds have enabled children with cancer to attend weeklong adventure camps, taken homeless families off the streets, saved precious waterways, and given local school kids a chance to play their favorite sports without financial or logistical worry.

Recent Evening of Empowerment Events

Bend, Oregon, held on November 6, 2014 at the Tower Theater. The full-house ovations and post show accolades tell us this show was powerful and moving. Ticket sale proceeds went to Kids in the Game. The performers inspired the crowd to go out and make a difference in their community. And, with this the second event to benefit Kids in the Game, we are proud to announce a deeper and wider partnership with this exceptional organization. Stay tuned for more details. In the meantime enjoy our highlight video of this show, and check out more from our performers with links to other performances by them.

Sacramento, held on April 2, Jean Runyon Theater, at the Memorial Auditorium: This event, before a packed theater, illustrated how local communities can be empowered, as we recognized several local volunteers who are making a huge difference in their town, and featured pearls of wisdom about how to lead meaningful and purposeful lives shared by our speakers. Ticket sale proceeds went to Firefighters Burn Instituteand Friends of the River.

San Francisco Bay Area, Century Club of California: This show, held on February 20, was a huge success with a full house of motivated attendees and vital non-profits getting proceeds from ticket sales. Watch the highlight video. Thanks to all involved, including Okizu and Homeless Prenatal Program.

Upcoming Evening of Empowerment Events

As the result of our ongoing partnership with Kids in the Game through the Evening of Empowerment fundraisers, we are please to announce that virtually all of our future programs will benefit this fine organization. We are collaborating with KITG to create a set of west-coast shows to inspire communities to support this non-profit as they foundationally shift upward the power of sports and play in youth across the country. Stay tuned for our line-up of events!

What to Expect

The venues for An Evening of Empowerment are generally smaller concert halls or theaters, where up to several hundred people gather to listen to our world-class speakers. Each event features ideas on how you can lead a more purposeful life, live musical entertainment and a chance to spend time after the show with the presenters. Evening of Empowerment events are casual, emotional, and inspiring.

Who Benefits?

  • You, our guests, as you participate in a night of truly powerful and meaningful entertainment. Our authentic and engaging speakers will enliven you to help recognize and realize your dreams.
  • Local and national charities and/or organizations as the proceeds from the ticket sales and event sponsors are dedicated to very deserving populations. Simply by attending you give to others.
  • Your community. By listening to these purposeful people, attendees awaken to their calling. Through this shared experience community members ignite and unite to bring goodness to their world.

In writing The Gift of Courage Ken Streater came to know and love those whose stories he told, the purposeful and courageous individuals dedicated to community. Their gift of courage is to empower others through their own unique personal strengths and, in doing so, to elevate the state of the world. Ken realized that an event where several of these people shared the stage would be infinitely uplifting and empowering. Thus, our empowering live events were formed.


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The Gift of Courage Empowerment Event Highlight Video