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Ken Streater is a social-good entrepreneur, philosopher, and author. As the founder of Hooray Cafe, contributing editor to, consultant to Fortune 500 clients, and international river guide, Ken has traveled, worked, and played in 50 countries. His writings are based on eye-opening experiences in places such as isolated Siberian river villages never before visited by Westerners, Botswanan delta waters plied by angry hippos, and a stunned Hong Kong during the Tiananmen Square uprising.

Ken writes to help foster supportive and flourishing cultures. His books offer insights into everyday heroes who take small and big steps in order to manifest meaningful individual and community change. He formulates and shares ideas for our greater good, concepts born of interactions with wise elders and young visionaries around the world.

“The Gift of Courage” tells stories of humble leaders who elevated themselves to make a difference in their respective communities. They are examples for us all as they show how we can each make our communities better.

Ken’s newest book, “Be the Good: Becoming a Force for a Better World,” offers easy-to-implement action steps to create positive personal and cultural change. One reviewer writes: “We’ve all heard about ‘being the change’ we wish to see in the world. Now Ken Streater has given us a “how-to guide” to create that change through simple acts of kindness, compassion, and goodness. Be the Good invites and invokes the call to build a better world through conscious thoughts, actions, and good deeds–big or small.”

We invite you to watch a video, listen to an interview, and read more about Ken’s work:

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Special Guest on Torcom Talk Podcast

Banner: Sitting on the fence: Dari, Ken, Delaney, Danielle and Dawson.
Top right: Clockwise: Danielle, Ken, Dawson, Delaney, and Dari in Glacier Bay, Alaska
Coaching soccer
Dawson, friend Otis, and Ken on the river
Dari and Delaney riding; Photo by Kevin Kubota
Bottom right: Limbs akimbo accidentally flipping at flood stage


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