Consulting and School Curriculum

Those seeking to improve their community should keep reading.

We offer observation, consulation, and workshops to help you and your community-be it a business, organization, cause, city, agency, or club-find and act on what matters to you and those around you. We specialize in creating more trusting, productive and fulfilling heart-driven cultures. We also offer middle and high-school lessons, activities, and materials to educators wishing to incorporate positive curriculum on community building and purpose. Please see below for more information on the workshops or go to the school curriculum page.

Consulting and Workshops

Imagine your community thriving by utilizing today’s human and social capacities rather than struggling because of ancient pulls designed simply to secure survival. Picture your citizenry inspired by what is good rather than cowered by what is wrong, in a place where trust trumps fear. Consider working and living with people who honor the idea that individual success cannot come at the expense of one’s community. And plan on a culture where commonalities drive growth, because and not in spite of individual differences. Our workshops and consultation services help build communities that thrive through heart-to-heart relationships rather than devolve because of head-to-head approaches. The insights and tools can help any business, organization, or community grow to realize their full potential.

Here is what others are saying:

“Ken, I was extremely happy with the discussion, engagement and the message you delivered today! I heard so many positive comments and everyone really enjoyed the presentation! I loved the examples you used because they really did paint a very clear picture of how we CAN change our perspectives!! Thank you so much. It was exactly what I was hoping for – and then some!! I’m looking forward to the opportunity to work with you again.” -Sharon C., Columbia Bank Regional Manager

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