Finally, an actionable way to be the change you want to see in the world.

Learn simple daily practices that will help you engage positively with the world around you and lead others to do the same.

Other Books & Writings

The Gift of Courage

The Gift of Courage tells poignant and powerful stories of regular yet extraordinary people who use courage to live vibrant and compassionate lives. Learn how to embrace challenges, and take action to share your unique greatness with the world.

The Art of the Heal

The Art of the Heal presents simple to implement but radically transformative actions for each of us to incorporate in our daily lives, behaviors founded on increased awareness, shifted beliefs, and personal change. This book can change how we see and treat each other and quickly take us from feeling victimized to being responsible, anguished to hopeful, and frustrated to flourishing, one step at a time.

Leave Discouragement Behind

Discover small, daily habits that create significant world change.

Gain Peace of Mind

Go from stressed and discouraged to confident and hopeful about the world around you.

Strengthen Human Connection

Rebuild relationships and create new ones by transforming your beliefs and behaviors. Then become the force that shows other people how to do the same.

Make An Impact

Learn the habits needed to inspire people to see and treat each other better. Day by day, you’ll see the world around you change.

Good Change Podcast

Conversations About Making a World of Difference


KS_Book Cover Mockup_Be the Good_600

Can one person change the world for good?

There is far more good in the world than you and I are led to believe.

This uplifting and poignant book tells stories of open hearts and kindness in communities from Alaska to Zimbabwe. Each chapter shares an idea, a simple action step, that you can take in order to make your life and those around you better.