A Crying Shame Campaign

November 3, 2016

end of tears

I just watched a video of Mexican-American children quietly crying that their mom or dad or grandma might be forced to go back to Mexico if Donald Trump is elected. I realize this video could be seen by some as campaign propaganda, to which I say it could be. But to me, it is simply this: So many times I have heard Donald Trump say to so many people that they should "be ashamed of themselves" or "shame on you." Personally, these phrases turn my stomach, because they say "The world should place shame on you" or "You are to be shamed."

The lowest emotional state we can feel is shame. It exists in its purest form to self-ostracize, to punish by belittling or banishing oneself, to make ourselves feel unworthy of belonging, unworthy of being loved.

Only a person without empathy would seek to fill people with shame. Only a person lacking compassion would fill living rooms with words that break children's hearts. This is a shame.


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