Bend Show Was A Huge Success

November 14, 2014

DSC_2077.MOV.Still002But don't listen to what others are saying:

"Your Evening of Empowerment at Tower Theatre was uplifting and fabulous. I'm so glad my friend forwarded the info to me. I purchased a ticket right away. THANK YOU for providing such a wonderful event. It was great to see Tower Theatre sold out. I hope you'll do this again next year."--June K.

"I hope you are on cloud nine after this evening because it was an amazing night. It was such a powerful thing when you announced Megan's award and then had the families stand. We were in the balcony, sitting by 6 other families. When we stood, there were surprised sounds from the people around us, and I understood why. It was striking to see the number of lives she's affected. You're going to go down as one of my personal heroes for honoring her so appropriately and powerfully tonight."-- Emily E.

"WOW! It was lovely to be quietly entertained with such a positive message. When I left I felt relaxed and truly in the moment. So grateful for the people on the stage and the message they conveyed. The evening was a wonderful gift to us all."--Marianne M.

"What an amazing evening and an amazing organization."--Jennifer W.


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