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Good Change Catch-Up and a Free Hat for You! | GC16

This short and sweet episode shares how you can get a free “Good Change” hat; that change is a skill that is not hard to acquire nor hard to put into action; presents a story of local goodness; gives a glimpse of a future episode; and why listening to the good change podcast is good […]

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We the People: Rights vs. Responsibilities, the Second Amendment, and the Immediate Need to Reduce Gun Violence| GC15

If anyone is qualified to speak as an advocate for the elimination of gun violence and the reduction of weapons of wars on our community streets, it is Dr. Kyleanne Hunter, PhD. As a hunter, former Marine, and now Air Force Academy professor, Kyleanne speaks about and encourages gun control from all sides of this […]

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Pondering Leadership, Writing, and the Beauty of Life’s Voyage | GC14

In 1975, William “Bill” McGinnis wrote the New York Times Bestseller, “Whitewater Rafting,” which has become the bible of boating wild rivers. After that, Bill created Whitewater Voyages, one of the most successful rafting companies on earth. It was founded on a guiding style that focused on connection to oneself, others, and the world around […]

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