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Medicine Should Not Be Marketed: Your Pathway to Good Health by Not Being Sold a Bill of Goods | GC13

Melissa Deally is a highly regard integrative health practitioner who has deeply explored the positive and harmful elements of western modern medicine. Her research and practice have allowed her to find information and formulate approaches to better individual and, by extension, better community health. In this episode she shares the pitfalls of a health industry […]

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Catastrophe and Compassion in India | GC12

Immediately after becoming aware of an immediate-need effort to help with the Covid crisis in India, we put this episode together. Sudara, a social enterprise clothing company focused on ending sex trafficking and the impoverishment of women in India, has just started a fundraiser to help single mothers in rural India deal with the ravages […]

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Amazon Woman: Wild Tales and Words of Wisdom | GC11

More people have walked on the moon than run the Amazon—the world’s largest river—from the source to the sea. And Darcy Gaechter is the only woman to have done so in a kayak. The journey required Darcy and her two expedition-mates to paddle for five months over 4,000 river miles across the wildest portions of […]

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