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Radical Hospitality, and an Endless Advocacy of Wilderness | GC06

The co-founder of the award-winning Hell’s Backbone Grill and Farm, a staunch equal rights and environmental activist, and practicing Buddhist. Blake Spalding has tirelessly worked in a conservative, largely Mormon community to create a restaurant of love and health on the edge of Utah’s Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. On this episode, learn about Blake and […]

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A Warm Welcome to the Good Change Podcast | GC05

“Those who tell the stories of a culture govern human behavior,” is a paraphrased quote of media expert George Gerbner. It is also the driving force behind the Good Change podcast. This show was created to inject real stories of good into the inaccurate narrative we are being fed by those who seek to profit […]

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Be in Leadership of Your Fear and the Source of Your Own Encouragement | GC04

The founder of the transformative personal development program “Healing is Possible” and internationally recognized holistic wellness expert, Rebeccah Silence shares with us philosophies, principles, and practices to create your life as you positively imagine it. From examining your capacity to change, grow and live large to recognizing the weaknesses and self-beliefs that are keeping you […]

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