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Fear and Trust in the Operating Room: A Cancer Surgeon's Story

“It was magical. Everyone in that operating room peacefully did their jobs and we felt love for the patient and one another,” recalled Dr. Peter Johnson about a Christmas Eve surgery on an elderly cancer patient. “She brought us cookies to thank us for being there for her on Christmas, which set such a harmonious […]

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Teens Lifting Their Community

Sparrow Clubs change the lives of the givers and receivers. I am honored to have written about Jeff Leeland, the founder, and his son, Michael, the present director of this organization, in The Gift of Courage. Their story is a model of courage, caring, and giving. The Sparrow Clubs' school community approach empowers teens to […]

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The Genesis of Change

You are only one small heart-driven act away from sparking significant cultural change. The human race is just that. It is a match against our selves. Will compassionate heart-to-heart cultures lift us all or will destructive, head-to-head approaches bring us down? Our enlightened evolution--to the point where we no longer fight to survive but can […]

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