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Making Change in the Banking Industry by Braving the Odds | GC10

Through her remarkable ascent to the top of the international finance industry, Mizinga Melu became the first Zambian and woman to become a CEO of major African bank. From her childhood life at a small family ranch, to devastating rejections of her first career choice, to bumping into and working through racism and sexism, Mizinga […]

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Humm Along! How to Create Better Workplaces, Healthier Communities, and Greater Peace of Mind | GC09

Join Michelle Mitchell, co-founder of Humm Kombucha--the healthy, life-affirming beverage that has gone from home kitchen to top international drink in just over a decade--as she dives into what fosters greater good. It’s far from just the drink that we talk about. Michelle shares the recipe for how she and her business partner created a […]

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To the South Pole: Going Colder and Further for Dreams to Come True | GC08

For over sixty days, covering more than 800 miles on skis while pulling a 350-pound sled, forty-something Norwegian Astrid Furholt carried the loving advice of one man and the hopes and dreams of an entire nation as she fought the elements to reach the South Pole. This story is a testimonial to the strength of […]

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