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Countryside Changemakers

For several springs and summers many years ago, I lived in Norway on an old farm with cabins like these shown here. There were about ten of us that lived at this compound, which had been converted into a rafting company headquarters. Every Sunday evening we would gather in the great house to share stories […]

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Alaskan Commodes and Community Advocates

My wife Danielle and I used to live in a small Alaska seaside village. Seldovia, Alaska, is a beautiful and friendly town of 300 hardy souls. You get there only by boat or bush plane. The cabin we rented was on pilings. The tide would come in and go out under the place. Sea otters […]

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The Bill of "Rights": A Plan to Do Right by Each Other and the Earth

Recently a friend accused me of being politically biased. I was making a case for responsible behavior at the congressional level, suggesting that all elected officials keep and live by their word. I pointed out that mine was a partisan-free request. I offered up this ideal in the face of the current Supreme Court nomination […]

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