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My Business Broke My Heart

This year, the commercial real estate brokerage company I own will facilitate over $100,000,000 in transactions, for clients worth billions. Before creating and building this company, for nearly two decades I owned and operated an international rafting and adventure travel business, running trips from Bolivia to Baja and Norway to the Pacific Northwest. Most people […]

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McDonald's is Back! Let's Celebrate!

McDonald’s is back! They are profitable and growing their sales again. After a couple of years of declining revenues, their top and bottom financial lines are looking better. Let's salute their turnaround! Are you asking yourself, "Why is this something to celebrate?" The not-so-subtle message here is that we can improve our culture by not supporting […]

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The Top Ten Personal Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

What traits does one need in order to be a successful entrepreneur, to choreograph employees, bankers, consultants, customers and others? What personal characteristics are needed to build a business created of vision, heart, desire, and good old blood, sweat and tears? In order for this list to make the most sense it is important to […]

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