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Leaf Blowers and Rakes: Metaphors for Our Times

I was walking down a country road by my house this morning. It was a beautiful walk as seen by the photo I took that is posted here. We live on the east side of Oregon's Cascade Mountains, a few miles away from the base of the Three Sisters Mountains and Mt. Bachelor ski area. […]

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Into the Mystic

"And when the foghorn blows, I want to hear it." –Van Morrison Man, these are foggy, heart-in-throat times. We are sailing, somewhat blind. Do sunlight and a better day lie port or starboard? Do we really have any idea where to go or are we headed, without a rudder, into a mystic? Sailing into the […]

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If we are so CONNECTED, then why are we so divided? We have a common cause, right now. Each other. This is common ground zero. This video shows that we are more ALIKE than we might think. It shows where to look to find our "shared-ness." Now is the time to shift focus from our […]

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