Countryside Changemakers

November 20, 2020

For several springs and summers many years ago, I lived in Norway on an old farm with cabins like these shown here. There were about ten of us that lived at this compound, which had been converted into a rafting company headquarters.

Every Sunday evening we would gather in the great house to share stories of that week's adventures. We toasted successful trips, compared notes on whitewater runs that scared the crap out of us, and reveled in our good fortune. We celebrated helping people create a lifetime of memories over a few hour adventure or a weeklong trip. We graciously saluted our team of changemakers who just happened to sit in the back of rafts. We stole glances at each other in these moments of thanks, grateful for the blessings bestowed on us as influencers from the countryside.

We often took the party outside and sat in the forever twilight on the big front stoop. We tossed back expensive Norwegian beers and danced to some Crash Test Dummies blasting from a boom box. Since the sun didn't set until late, we had plenty of time to just hang out. 

What I discovered then, and am blessed to still realize today, is that when you do what you love in the company of those doing the same, magic happens. And this: a small group of people dedicated to bringing good to their community and the world is infinitely powerful.


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