Do We Need To Fear Donald Trump?

July 24, 2016

I was recently asked by a friend if we should fear Donald Trump. I answered "that is up to you whether or not you choose to fear him, but I don't fear him." I try not to fear anyone or anything. Even though I try not to fear, sometimes it gets me, which ultimately limits me from experiencing more, doing more and being more.

It is not really fear that Donald Trump stirs in me, but pain. I am pained by his message and wonder about the impact it has on my kids. To best understand the impact of his loudly expressed ideas, I take it down to street level. Imagine you are walking through your hometown with your children and you see people and businesses on this or that corner. Can you imagine saying the following to them?

"See those people over there with the burqas (or fez or turban)? Don't trust them because they practice a different religion than you do. They should not be in our town. And, see those Mexican immigrants working over there? We should chase them out of here because they don't belong and they are stealing jobs. And, see that guy over there that once disagreed with me? Do you want to go punch him in the face? Its alright if you do. And, see that bank over there? It is okay if you don't honor your obligations to them even though you could if you just took money out of one pot and put it into another. And, see that woman over there? Go ahead and make fun of her because she is not very attractive."

I just can't figure out a way to explain to my kids that this is an okay way to regard and treat others. I also can't figure out how explain to them that it is okay if someone who wants to lead them feels and acts this way, too.


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