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Immediately after becoming aware of an immediate-need effort to help with the Covid crisis in India, we put this episode together. Sudara, a social enterprise clothing company focused on ending sex trafficking and the impoverishment of women in India, has just started a fundraiser to help single mothers in rural India deal with the ravages of Covid, be it by providing food or funds for vaccinations. Check out this short and powerful podcast featuring Shannon Keith, the founder and CEO of Sudara, an organization that has been saving lives and building dreams for women in India since 2005.

Today, with your donation of $14 you can feed a family of four for a week in India. With that in mind, think of what $100 can do! Additionally, by buying Sudara’s pajamas and loungewear that is made by women who are escaping the sex trade in India, you are supporting a company that for years has been taking women out of prostitution and despair and giving them work as garment manufacturers, and otherwise. Today, hundreds of women and their children are empowered to live meaningful and safe lives as the result of Sudara’s efforts. Now, Sudara has created this Covid-19 fundraiser to save more lives. Please listen or watch and give what you can at 

In this episode, learn of the staggering devastation in India and the particular risk from Covid among impoverished single mothers; find out what you can do right now to make a world of difference in someone’s life; how Sudara is perfectly suited as the organization to immediately put your donation to work; why buying pajamas or loungewear from Sudara helps transform communities by removing women from the sex trade in India; and how you can do more by sharing this podcast and rallying friends, families, co-workers, and others to donate and support Sudara’s mission and business.


About the Guest: 

A trip to India, in 2005, inspired Shannon to take action and begin an innovative business venture. Her drive to disrupt the social enterprise space and create lasting impact for survivors and those at high risk of sex trafficking led her to found and cultivate Sudara. At its simplest level, Sudara is a clothing company that focuses on pajamas and loungewear. At a broader level, Sudara provides training for underprivileged Indian women in order for them to lead to their economic independence and gender equity.

Shannon created Sudara with a mission rooted in job creation and freedom-filled choice for women who want to escape sex slavery. Over the past fifteen years, Shannon has taken the organization far and wide. Shannon has received multiple accolades and rewards for her groundbreaking conscious approach to business ventures. She has been honored as a Social Impact Winner at Oregon’s largest Angel investing conference, won female Entrepreneur of the year in 2017, spoke at TEDx, and was a Top 25 SheEO World Venture Finalist, in addition to being featured in The Good Trade, Conscious Magazine, Real Simple, Forbes and more.

Shannon is a sought-after national speaker delivering key notes and panel discussion on topics like economic development for women, how to use social business to address the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, and why investing in women is a game changer.


About the Host: Ken Streater shares eye-opening and heartening global experiences that reflect our shared dreams and concerns. A former international river guide and adventure travel outfitter who has worked and played in 50 countries, Alaskan bush teacher turned social good entrepreneur, Fortune 500 consultant, bestselling author, and keynote speaker, Ken has seen first-hand how common ground blooms greater good. From angry hippo showdowns to nuclear missile attacks, from billionaire shenanigans to Siberian soccer wars to quiet conversations with everyday heroes, these and other interactions inspire him to create good change.

Ken’s just released #1 Amazon international bestselling book, Be the Good: Becoming a Force for a Better World, is receiving rave reviews from movement leaders and readers alike. His podcast, Good Change: Conversations About Making a World of Difference is “where movement makers, industry leaders, visionaries, voices of hope, and everyday heroes gather to share ideas, laugh, and inspire action for greater good.”


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Ken Streater

Ken Streater

Ken Streater is a teller of moving human endeavor and community achievement stories. He is an international river guide, best-selling author, social good entrepreneur, and keynote speaker. At the core of his offerings is this idea: What if you could do more than wish things could change? What if you had a way to meaningfully improve your life and the world around you by helping change how people see and treat each other? As described by Maggie Doyne, CNN Hero of the Year and New York Times' Best-Selling Author, "Ken Streater cuts through the obstacles to make clear how each one of us can be a force for good every day in the communities in which we live. It's a reminder that each of us has an opportunity--and a responsibility--to focus on what's really important."

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