McDonald's is Back! Let's Celebrate!

October 23, 2016

McDonald’s is back! They are profitable and growing their sales again. After a couple of years of declining revenues, their top and bottom financial lines are looking better. Let's salute their turnaround!

Are you asking yourself, "Why is this something to celebrate?"

The not-so-subtle message here is that we can improve our culture by not supporting businesses that injure us physiologically and psychologically. As a nation, America stopped eating as much at McDonald’s because their food is harmful to our bodies and our environment. But, as they change their menu a bit and get rid of some toxins, we start to think that maybe they have our better interest at heart.

There is still a long way to go-a long, long way to go-but we can alter industries that hold too little regard for what truly matters. We can reduce the profit-at-any-cost mentality and the economics of fear. Be it media, fast food, banking, insurance, or politics, we can inspire industries to embrace heart-driven values. We can beautifully boomerang big business.

Don't minimize the power of voting at the polls and with your wallet. Know that turning off the television, taking one less trip through the drive-thru, or switching from a Wall Street bank to your local credit union has an impact. We each and all can do these things. Let's approach this positively in order to evolve and thrive instead of doing it angrily, at the expense of others. This makes the world a better place. Cheers!



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