We are bigger and better than the industries and individuals who profit on our fear, pain, and differences. It's time for our goodness to run the show. Here is how...
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For too long, we have been led astray by those who fuel and prey on our anxiety and animosity. The despair and discord that these industries and individuals use to peddle their goods misrepresents our essential nature. We are much better than how we are portrayed. We have evolved beyond this madness. So, let's put it to rest. 

Humans are innately kind and connected, and we agree on most things—including your right to life-affirming environments and our ability to work together to provide these. Remembering and acting on this is where you find hope, peace of mind, and joy—and how you can add more meaning to your life. 

Do you want to create and have more good and more meaning in your life, right now? If yes, click here!

When we focus on what we share, we thrive. Like countless others, Ken Streater has witnessed this time and again in threadbare and flourishing places around the world. His steadfast belief in our capacity to fix what ails us comes from eye-opening experiences and deep interactions with everyday heroes across the globe.  Be it showdowns with angry hippos, tropical nuclear attacks, billionaire shenanigans, Siberian soccer wars, conversations with changemakers like you, or by studying and writing about behavior and cultures from Alaska to Zimbabwe, these events and others motivate Ken to foster positive change.  

We invite you to discover "good" ideas, along with simple but powerful steps you can take to make your life and the lives around you even better. Find out how you can help—and how you can benefit.


"Ken is a gentle teacher with a powerful lesson on being the best human possible especially during trying times. His stories are simple truths that translate to daily actions. We are all in this together; the world, this life, and our vision for health and joy. Ken inspires us to aim for the best in life and for everyone."--A.W., reader review on Amazon. 

Ken's latest book,  international Amazon #1 best-seller Be the Good: Becoming a Force for a Better World, offers twenty action steps to help you and your community flourish, by seeing and doing more good. In The Gift of Courage, Ken shares stories of everyday heroes who elevate those around them.


“Ken's presentation on how we can transform our communities and the world was a highlight of the entire summit. His heartfelt messages held the audience spellbound and inspired us all.”--Shannon Farley, International White Water Rafting Summit Organizer

An international river guide, social good entrepreneur, keynote speaker and teller of moving human endeavor and community achievement stories, Ken Streater shares tales of adventure and cultural insights that reflect the goodness that runs through us. His presentations are a welcome exploration of human nature that impart ideas and action steps to create greater good in your business, organization, or town. 


"This is a really important podcast, to take the time, the intention, and the practice to make good change. Contrary to maybe what many believe, it doesn't take a lot of effort, it just takes the right effort to make things better. I feel grateful and honored to be a part of this program."--Michelle Mitchell, co-founder of Humm Kombucha

The Good Change podcast is where movement makers, industry leaders, visionaries, voices of hope, and everyday heroes gather to share ideas, laugh, and inspire action for greater good.. With new guests weekly, this podcast brings us all hope, peace of mind, and tools for making a world of difference.


  • "Be the Good" is inspiring and heartwarming but most importantly, it is actionable.

    Nir Eyal

    Bestselling author of "Indistractable"
  • One of the good news stories that resonates within every life…that anyone can take to heart.

    Meryl Streep

    Academy Award winning actress on "The Gift of Courage"
  • Ken Streater is an awesome storyteller who shares a much needed message of love and compassion.

    Jon Bullock

    Podcast Host of Jon Bullock Speaks
  • This short, inspiring book had me from the nuclear missile opening to the tear-jerker movie close. It offers practical wisdom on how to be a better person—and a happier one. Former river guide Ken Streater is a skillful navigator of the tricky terrain of good, and his timing is exquisite.

    Jonathan Alter

    Author, journalist, documentary filmmaker on "Be the Good"
  • Ken speaks not to impress but to uplift people and communities.

    Krayna Castelbaum

    Poet and Keynote Speaker
  • In a world where we are often disappointed in the lack of courage in our national and political leaders, "The Gift of Courage" is a respite. The reporting here is solid and the inspiration profound.

    Geraldine Laybourne

    Founding Member
  • With stories about his extraordinary experiences learning and working in both troubled and flourishing communities around the world, Ken Streater will inspire you to action to create a happier world promising a greater good for many.

    Dacher Keltner

    Director, Greater Good Science Center, UC Berkeley and author of "Born To Be Good" and "The Power Paradox"
  • "Be the Good" offers the wisdom of community change makers and everyday citizens from around the globe and shines light on how our world can be, where goodness abounds. Ken Streater shares powerful personal stories that show us how we each can be a greater force for good on the planet.

    Marci Shimoff

    NY Times bestselling author of "Happy for No Reason" and "Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul"
  • Don’t you want to help fix what’s broken in society? But where to begin? Ken Streater to the rescue. He offers up an entertaining tool kit of simple everyday acts of kindness and gratitude to help us all be forces for good in our families, neighborhoods, work places, communities, and by extension the world—just when we need it the most.

    Heather Lende

    NY Times bestselling author of "If You Lived Here", "I’d Know Your Name" and "Find the Good"
  • When we lead with kindness and love, there’s no limit to the kind of change we can make in the world. In "Be the Good", Ken Streater cuts through the obstacles to make clear how each one of us can be a force for good every day in the communities in which we live.

    Maggie Doyne

    CNN’s Hero of the Year and CEO, Blink Now Foundation

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