It is speakers like you who make the day the most special for our community. You really opened our eyes to possibilities.
— TEDx Audience Member
TEDx Talk about communities choosing trust over fear, February, 2016

Speaking Engagements / Programs


  • “Ken's presentation on how we can transform our communities and the world was a highlight of the entire summit. His heartfelt messages held the audience spellbound and inspired us all.” — Shannon Farley, World White Water Rafting Summit Organizer
  • “Your presentation was my favorite of the week. I really like the philosophy of “just” business and how we should always put love first.” — Young Entrepreneurs Business Week Participant
  • “I believe the event had a direct impact on our son deciding to pursue something that has long been a dream. Thank you, Ken, for your power of encouragement. ”— Live Speaking Event Audience Member
  • “I had a choice to release my fear and reach for trust. And I did—I choose to believe that people are good. These choices, instead of fear, allowed for much needed hope and significantly changed the decisions I made along this journey. Thanks, Ken.” — Good Change Podcast Subscriber

In Tevas and tuxedos, international river guide and outfitter, Fortune 500 advisor, entrepreneur, speaker and author Ken Streater has traveled, played, and run businesses in 50 countries. Whether exploring isolated river villages in Soviet Siberia, visiting ancient Andean ruins, doing business in horrified Hong Kong during the Tiananmen Square uprising, or running the roaring waters of Africa’s Zambezi River, Ken has witnessed both thriving and threadbare ecosystems and societies.

An inspirational speaker and teller of moving human endeavor and community achievement stories, Ken provides a welcome option to the damaging media representations of us. Whether tales of his own adventures (like a showdown with angry mama hippos in the backwaters of Botswana) or others' daring or dedication to causes, Ken does this to more accurately reflect the goodness that runs through us. Shows produced by and events at which Ken Streater speaks are highly regarded individual and community growth platforms that impart ideas to create greater good in your business, organization, or town.

In his writings, including The Gift of Courage and Be the Good, with his cultural kindness experiment “The Goodness’ Sake Project,” and as an outspoken insider for corporate accountability, Ken knows that we have the capacity to reduce ego- and greed-driven behaviors. This can be done by delivering on heart-driven change that takes greater good into consideration. His stories are helping manifest this critical shift.

Upcoming Events

With Covid-19 limiting large gatherings and a focus on the late 2020 release of his latest book, Be the Good, Ken does not have any speaking engagements presently scheduled. But, stay tuned and be sure to check out his articles on the blog page!

Sampling of Past Events

World White Water Rafting Summit; October 9-13, 2019
With a gathering in San Jose, Costa Rica, of river guides and adventure travel outfitters from two dozen countries, this five-day summit was a phenomenal success. The collective resolve to preserve wild rivers, learn new safety techniques and build collaborative communities was apparent every day of this event. Ken gave a kick off talk and a keynote speech that inspired attendees to act on their opportunity and obligation to protect wilderness areas and make their respective communities better. 

Young Entrepreneurs Business Week; June 26, 2019
YEBW is a cutting-edge organization that offers week long retreats for budding entrepreneurs. Every summer, YEBW hosts workshops on university campuses for high schoolers from across Oregon. Ken spoke to this group on the importance of goodness as a cornerstone to any business endeavor. He also judged the phenomenal and potentially world-changing businesses that the retreat participants created. These exceptional young business leaders of today and tomorrow provide great hope for the future! See for more information.

Legends and Luminaries with Les Brown; April 24, 2019
Ken Streater was invited to share the stage with personal development legend Les Brown and others as they spoke about manifesting individual and community growth. Ken spoke with changemakers and socially-conscious company owners about the importance of holistic approaches to building better places.

River Rally; May 1, 2018
The River Network’s annual international showcase event, the River Rally, was held in Lake Tahoe, California, from April 29-May 2, 2018. Ken Streater and Chad Brown, of Soul River Runs Deep, shared the stage to give a presentation entitled Outdoor Access: Experiences that Inspire Transformation and Conservation. Ken spoke about being the good and was followed by Chad who showcases this ideal in a most powerful way. Check out Chad Brown’s life-changing work.

Hooray Cafe Goodfest; May 4, 2017
Jon Bullock, Naomi Wachira, and Ken Streater performed at the RPA Performing Arts Center. Ideas about community growth, generosity, and doing good deeds were presented as we raised thousands of dollars for Treehouse Therapies, enough funds to provide dozens of physical therapy sessions for children in need of this care.

Central Oregon Impact Summit; May 10, 2016. This inspirational event showcased non-profit organizations that brilliantly serve the people of Bend and Central Oregon. As the Keynote Speaker, Ken shared ideas and provided motivation for developing cultures that ignite and empower employees, volunteers, and the general public, in order to build and support causes critical to each and every one of us. 

TEDx Grand Forks February 20, 2016. Held at the magnificent Empire Arts Center, Ken spoke about communities thriving in trust or struggling in fear. He illustrated to attendees the choice that we each have to build trusting or fearful communities and how each one of us can help create compassionate places of hope. Invited to speak here because of incomprehensible acts against local Muslim immigrant business owners, Ken shared stories of cultures from Siberia to San Bernardino, of communities that grow in trust or shrink in fear.

Grand Forks, North Dakota is a special town. Located on the banks of the Red River, this community is a place of innovation and heritage, where traditional ways are meeting modern means. See for more information.

Speaking Requests

Ken Streater is available to municipalities, groups, and businesses for speaking, workshops, and more. Please contact us at 541-325-2027 or email us via the contact form on the home page.

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