Replace complexity with simpler approaches to getting along.

Ken’s hope is to impart straightforward daily practices that align with your core values, so that we can positively change how people see and treat each other.

Messages focused on love and compassion.

“Ken speaks not to impress but to uplift people and communities.”

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In Tevas or tuxedos, Fortune 500 advisor and international river guide and outfitter Ken Streater engages people’s minds and hearts to motivate them to think more clearly, see opportunities, and move forward with simple, daily action.

As a witness to thriving and threadbare ecosystems and societies, Ken has traveled, played, and run businesses in 50 countries, allowing him to give audiences a welcome option to the damaging media representations of humanity. He reflects on the goodness that runs through us by sharing tales of his adventures or others’ daring dedication to great causes.

Attendees learn uncomplicated action steps to build a life that adds positive value and greater good in the world around them.

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Upcoming Events

Ken does not have any speaking engagements presently scheduled, as the pandemic has temporarily shifted the demand for in-person presentations. Be sure to check out the Good Change Podcast while future live events are getting lined up.

Past Events

Influencing audiences globally in making a change in the world around them. Here are a few examples:

World White Water Rafting Summit

October 9-13, 2019

River guides and adventure travel outfitters from two dozen countries gathered in San Jose, Costa Rica, for a five-day summit with a collective desire to preserve wild rivers, learn new safety techniques, and build collaborative communities. Ken led this event as the kickoff and keynote speaker with talks that inspired attendees to act on their opportunity and obligation to protect wilderness areas and improve their respective communities.

Young Entrepreneurs Business Week

June 26, 2019

Every summer, YEBW hosts workshops on university campuses for budding entrepreneurs. High schoolers from all over the country gather for a week-long seminar. Ken spoke to this aspiring group on the importance of goodness as the cornerstone of any business endeavor. He also judged the phenomenal and potentially world-changing business ideas created by these exceptional business leaders of the future.

Legends and Luminaries with Les Brown

April 24, 2019

Sharing the stage with personal development legend Les Brown is no small feat. With the invitation to speak about manifesting individual and community growth, Ken leaned into the topic and spoke with changemakers and socially conscious company owners about the importance of holistic approaches to building better places.

River Rally

May 1, 2018

The River Network’s annual international showcase event, the River Rally, was held in Lake Tahoe, California, from April 29-May 2, 2018. At this event, Ken shared the stage with Chad Brown and led the presentation: Outdoor Access: Experiences that Inspire Transformation and Conservation. The main focus of the discussion centered on being the good in the world.

Hooray Cafe Goodfest

May 4, 2017

Performing at the McClay Performing Arts Center in Redmond, Oregon, Ken’s speaking topic centered on ideas about community growth, generosity, and doing good deeds. This event helped raise thousands of dollars for Treehouse Therapies, enough funds to provide dozens of physical therapy sessions for children in need of this care.

Central Oregon Impact Summit

May 10, 2016

This inspirational event showcased non-profit organizations that brilliantly serve the people of Bend and Central Oregon. As the Keynote Speaker, Ken provided ideas and motivation for developing cultures that ignite and empower employees, volunteers, and the general public to build and support causes critical to every one of us.

TEDx Grand Forks

February 20, 2016

How can communities come together by growing in trust instead of fear? This was the question Ken helped answer as he spoke at the magnificent Empire Arts Center by illustrating to attendees how to create compassionate places of hope. Invited to speak at this event to help combat the incomprehensible acts committed against Muslim immigrant business owners, Ken shared stories of cultures from Siberia to San Bernardino that have thrived through trusting one another instead of shrinking into fear.

Watch Ken’s TEDxGrandForks talk: Fear or Trust in Your Community: It’s Your Choice.

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