The Art of the Heal

To be released early 2023

The Art of the Heal puts much-needed hope in your heart and tools in your hands to change how people see and treat each other. It calls on each one of us to revive accountability, respect, and trust to fix what ails us. It is filled with encouraging and matter-of-fact stories that convey a straightforward principle: We have an obligation to the planet and to one another–including those who follow us–to redirect our trajectory and mend the world around us. Now is the time to act on this opportunity and obligation, to heal. This book shows how to do this.

Many books dwell on big problems and suggest overwhelming solutions to huge challenges. The Art of the Heal takes a different approach. It explores five underlying conditions that have shaped our communities and country, constraints we have allowed to be imposed upon us. It reveals the small and large positive shifts that have already taken place–many in the face of extreme resistance–that led to remarkable local and global improvements.

Most importantly, The Art of the Heal presents simple to implement but radically transformative actions for each of us to incorporate in our daily lives, behaviors founded on increased awareness, shifted beliefs, and personal change. This book can quickly take us–you and me–from feeling victimized to being responsible, anguished to hopeful, and frustrated to flourishing, one step at a time.

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To be released early 2023

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