The Genesis of Change

November 26, 2015

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You are only one small heart-driven act away from sparking significant cultural change.

The human race is just that. It is a match against our selves. Will compassionate heart-to-heart cultures lift us all or will destructive, head-to-head approaches bring us down?

Our enlightened evolution--to the point where we no longer fight to survive but can unite to thrive--is dependent on us. We have repeatedly shown ourselves capable of doing what is right in the face of wrong. Now is the time to take this to the next level, by not waiting to overcome adversity but by proactively enlivening ourselves to most humanely grow.

All significant cultural change is started not by a movement, but by a small community of heart-driven people doing what they know is right, and who then fuel a movement. It is you and I and a few others sitting down to make a plan and acting on what matters that sparks change. It is a collection of heart-to-heart collectives that will save us from ourselves by empowering us to locally and globally flourish. It is community that will help us win the human race.

Most inaction is the byproduct of the desired result being seen as too big to achieve. For example, losing two pounds by the first of the month by working out two days a week seems much more realistic than getting into shape to run an Ironman by the end of the year. Breaking it down into bite-sized pieces makes achievement more possible.

A small group of like-hearted people wanting local school kids to get healthier is far more realistic than fixing national childhood obesity. This group--of two or twenty--meet and create a plan, which is then communicated to others. This grows into a small community--defined as a group of people united by an idea. Here, change takes hold. Local growth and a positive movement is born of this small act, this initial gathering where an idea was shared. It can then grow into something bigger--for example, a collection of these micro-communities focused on local childhood health creates a expansive regional effort focused on the same--and the movement gains traction and more power.

Small communities can create powerful local change. And you and I are the spark, by simply sharing an idea or concern with another, to ignite the growth.


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