The Good Deed Ripple Effect

December 3, 2020

Just what is the 'Good Deed Ripple Effect'? It is one someone is witness to or a recipient of a good deed and then that someone becoming inspired to do a good deed for someone else. Hopefully, somebody will see you in the midst of doing your good act, or as the recipient of it, will also want to be a deed ripple maker. That is the effect.

When you get a minute, fill your kitchen sink or bathtub with water. Then, grab your iPhone or Android and set the video on slow motion. Then, video the water as you drop a pebble or marble or something small and solid into the middle of the water. On replay, you may notice a couple of things: 1) how the water ripples out; 2) how the rippling water is shaped and effected by the container (sink, tub) and; 3) how the ripples reverberate back into the source of the original ripple.

Consider the container being your community, and imagine how much positive energy can be created by one person’s act of kindness. It spill back onto itself and just keeps on going. The ripple maker does not need to be a community growth advocate or changemaker or any specific leader. It can be you.

Sometimes, the bigger the deed, the bigger the ripple, like the Paint it Forward project. Check out this story about how good deeds carry on. And then, contemplate how you, today or tomorrow, can create a good deed ripple effect in your community.



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