Very few books in my life have stopped me in my tracks, made me put down everything I am doing, and go hug my kids. "Be the Good" got me in chapter one. Ken Streater shares his personal stories of courage, fear, trust, and vulnerability. It is a must read.
— John O’Sullivan, best selling author of Changing the Game and founder of the Changing the Game Project
Climbing aboard a Soviet helicopter to fly to the launch point for the first American rafting descent of the Katun River, Siberia, 1987

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Ken’s new book, Be the Good: Becoming a Force for a Better World, was released in early 2021 and quickly reached Amazon #1 international best-seller status. It offers twenty simple action steps to make your life and your community better.  To purchase an e-book or hard copy please click here or, better yet, ask for it at your local bookstore.

Here is what others are saying about it:

Be the Good is inspiring and heartwarming but most importantly, it is actionable.Nir Eyal, bestselling author of Indistractable

When we lead with kindness and love, there’s no limit to the kind of change we can make in the world. In Be the Good, Ken Streater cuts through the obstacles to make clear how each one of us can be a force for good every day in the communities in which we live. It’s a reminder that each of us has an opportunity—and a responsibility—to focus on what’s really important.—Maggie Doyne, CNN’s Hero of the Year and Co-founder and CEO, Blink Now Foundation

This short, inspiring book had me from the nuclear missile opening to tear-jerker movie close. It offers practical wisdom on how to be a better person—and a happier one. Former river guide Ken Streater is skillful navigator of the tricky terrain of good, and his timing is exquisite.—Jonathan Alter, author, journalist, documentary filmmaker

Be the Good offers the wisdom of community change makers and everyday citizens from around the globe and shines light on how our world can be, where goodness abounds. Ken Streater shares powerful personal stories that show us how we each can be a greater force for good on the planet. —Marci Shimoff, NY Times best-selling author of Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

Now, more than ever, there is a need for people to connect with their better selves and view others and the world through the lenses of shared humanity. Be the Good helps us do this and act from such awareness with action steps that can easily be put into effect right now.—Thupten Jinpa, Principal English Translator to the Dalai Lama, founder of the Compassion Institute, and author of A Fearless Heart: How the Courage to be Compassionate Can Transform Our Lives

We’ve all heard about “being the change” we wish to see in the world. Now Ken Streater has given us a “how-to-guide” to create that change through simple acts of kindness, compassion, and goodness. Be the Good invites and invokes the call to build a better world through conscious thoughts, actions, and good deeds—big or small. When it comes to the greater good, change begins within our self, our homes, and our communities, and the all is in the small. Barbara Edie, author of Creating the Impossible

Very few books in my life have stopped me in my tracks, made me put down everything I am doing, and go hug my kids. Be the Good got me in chapter one. Ken Streater shares his personal stories of courage, fear, trust, and vulnerability and gives us twenty simple ways to be the good and create a better world. It is a must read. —John O’Sullivan, best selling author of Changing the Game and founder of the Changing the Game Project

Be the Good is an inspiring and actionable guide to individual and collective well being. It illustrates how to bring more beneficial behaviors to life in effort to build more compassionate places. With stories about his extraordinary experiences learning and working in both troubled and flourishing communities around the world, Ken Streater will inspire you to action to create a happier world promising a greater good for many. —Dacher Keltner, Professor of Psychology and Faculty Director, Greater Good Science Center UC Berkeley and author of Born To Be Good and The Power Paradox

If these turbulent times have you scratching your head, this book may be just the salve you need. Its overarching premise is simple, yet incredibly powerful: each and every one of us can do good in the world, which in turn will make life better. The concept is made actionable through 20 specific ideas for how to actually DO good, all of which can be put into practice immediately with little to no effort. The mix of aphorisms and life advice is reinforced with a variety of stories that make it clear the author is an experienced guide on making a positive difference in the world. Being good and doing good have never been more accessible. —Lisa Bader, author of Wrap with Love and CEO/Founder of Birthday Butler

Another book, The Gift of Courage: Stories of Open Hearts, Kindness, and Community, presents regular yet extraordinary people whose courage—sometimes in the face of extreme challenge—empowers them to lead passionate and purposeful lives. They radiate goodness and selflessly lift the state of our world. This is the gift of courage. Here is what people are saying about this book:

One of the good news stories that resonate within every life…that anyone can take to heart. —Meryl Streep, Academy Award-winning actress

The Gift of Courage is a powerful book about leading with love. It’s full of inspiring stories of courageous, purpose-driven people who are finding happiness while helping heal the world. —Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author, Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul and Happy for No Reason

This book is a reminder to us all that our finest moments are when we take those courageous risks on others’ behalf. The reporting here is solid and the inspiration profound. —Geraldine Laybourne, Founder of the Oxygen Network and former President of Nickelodeon

Ken Streater’s profile of Josh Kern and Thurgood Marshall Academy tells the compelling story of persistence in the face of skepticism. The Motley Fool is proud to support Thurgood Marshall Academy…and is glad it has been brought to the forefront as part of The Gift of Courage—Tom Gardner, The Motley Fool

Ken Streater has created a a gem, I’m personally better for having spent time with The Gift of Courage, and you will be too. Read this book and you will be changed. Roger Seip, Best-Selling Author of Train Your Brain for Success and Master Your Mind

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