About Ken

International river guide, social good entrepreneur, keynote speaker and teller of moving human endeavor and community 
achievement stories.

Ken Streater

What if you could do more than wish things could change? What if you had a way to meaningfully improve your life and the world around you by helping change how people see and treat each other?

As a witness to thriving and threadbare ecosystems and societies, I’ve traveled, played, and run businesses in about 50 countries. These experiences allow me to share welcome and inspiring options to the damaging media representations of humanity, by reflecting on the goodness that runs through us.

I’ve helped countless people discover and incorporate small, daily habits that create significant personal and community growth. With this they turn away from feeling discouraged and overwhelmed by the world’s direction. They turn towards hope and optimism, as they realize the positive impact they can and do have on the world around them.


Speakers like Ken inspire collaborative action and create memorable moments for your community.

He guides audience members in opening their eyes to the possibilities around them. Some of his on-stage moments include speaking at TEDx Grand Forks, The Central Oregon Impact Summit, and Legends and Luminaries with Les Brown.

Featured Books

Ken’s writings are both inspirational and heartwarming.

The Gift of Courage

The Gift of Courage tells poignant and powerful stories of regular yet extraordinary people who use courage to live vibrant and compassionate lives. Learn how to embrace challenges, and take action to share your unique greatness with the world.

Be the Good

There is far more good in the world than we are led to believe. Ken’s uplifting and poignant book tells stories of open hearts and kindness in communities from Alaska to Zimbabwe. Be The Good offers practical wisdom on how to be a better and happier person.

The Art of the Heal

The Art of the Heal presents simple to implement but radically transformative actions for each of us to incorporate in our daily lives, behaviors founded on increased awareness, shifted beliefs, and personal change. This book can change how we see and treat each other and quickly take us from feeling victimized to being responsible, anguished to hopeful, and frustrated to flourishing, one step at a time.